One Offer | One Artificial Intelligence | Three Applications

Behavior prediction

Our AI analyses data from the user journey and provide you with the visitor’s live purchase intent. Their pathing, behavior, mouse movements will give us the informations needed to evaluate if they’re genuinely interested.

Set in motion the different scenarios needed to address your visitor’s hesitations!

Fraud prediction

Everyone is unique, and so is their online behavior.
We help you determine if a connection is authentic,
or if it is a bot being a little too curious.

Detect identity thefts and bots, secure your users and your data.

Live classification

Our product deduces key information on your website’s visitors from its user journey only (gender, age group, general location…).

Make live customization on your website’s content and meet your users’ needs more accurately!

User experience evaluation

A stressed out, annoyed or lost visitor will not have the same behaviour as a satisfied one. We identify these signs of dissatisfaction and communicate them to you throughout the user session.

Adapt your platform to guarantee your clients’ satisfaction and support!

Working principle

Artificial intelligence in service of e-commerce

Everyday, web navigation generates a huge quantity of data, and extracting relevant information from it can be challenging.
Our ambition is to help you get insights you need to address your business pain points.

Each visitor’s journey is unique. Our AI analyzes its metrics
– for instance the mouse movements –
and deduces information about the visitor.

We provide you in real time, without the visitor logging in, with predictions on his gender, his age group, in purchase intention…
Among others…

Monthly subscription

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Exact pricing depending on web traffic and subscription period
(min. 4 months)